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OYS Training

OYS Training is Janelle Wheale, she knows all to well how fricken hard it is to consistently show up to your training sessions. She knows getting out of bed driving to a training session where you get your ass handed to you can seem like pure torture because she does it everyday!

Janelle lives for training people just like her because....she is you, she is losing the weight, struggling lifting the dumbbells, huffing and puffing doing burpees, but like you she would rather die trying than give up! Janelle believes once you start to see the results, progress becomes addictive because she has lost over 300lbs and knows the feeling of accomplishment and determination from seeing progress.

She and her team are not like other training studios she 100% refuses to sugar coat anything, her workouts make you swear and want to punch her...by the way she is totally cool with that cause she has wanted to punch many of her trainers in the face during a leg day! She pushes you out of your comfort zone without pushing you over the edge.

Her famous line in the studio is “you know why it’s hard? because it's working” and ya I even want to punch her sometimes.

Janelle and the team take it one step further the training doesn't end when your session does. When your session is over the real work begins and she is there to hold you accountable....checking in, following up, stalking you whatever you want to call it she’s on your butt making sure you are living your best life ;)

So if you want to find your “why” like Janelle and work with her, someone who knows what losing weight and struggling in the gym, and hating cardio days (she HATES cardio days) is really like then OYS Training is for you.