OYS BARRE BOOTCAMP is a no bullshit low impact, GET IT DONE core workout. We will do a variety of different combos incorporated into the class. It's going to be awesome to finally learn how to engage your core and find your pelvic floor.

Oh we are not kidding when we say you will use all the tiny muscles you never knew you had and it will suck....like "omg I can't sneeze, laugh or cough" the next day suck.

What you will experience is more strength in lifting your kids, sitting at your desk, flexibility and strength to kill it at day to day life....but the best is the stamina and energy in the bedroom (insert winky face here).

Here is a list of stuff that also will happen when you consistently come to class

Strong Pelvic Floor
Planking For Days
Stronger Transverse Abs
Stronger Back Muscles
Posture Stability

Class is 55min long
Average burn 500 calories.

Fitness Classes

OYS BOOTCAMP....I was going to tell you it's a functional movement, strength building BLAH BLAH BLAH...it's not. If you are beginner or advanced this class is geared for you to see personal bests and see results. 

We train upper and lower splits. The sessions are always different to keep you motivated. We break the sessions up into upper body and lower body weight/bodyweight/TRX training and cardio or abs in-between sets but every session is uniquely designed to build strength, stamina and shred fat! We are not going to sugar coat it with a technical terms that make no sense it's training 101 we are not reinventing the wheel here. Expect a total body transformation.

We are going to get you to your goals to be stronger, leaner and all over healthy. Our goal is to guide you to set a new personal best every session. What you will get from weight training?  Strength you never knew you had, look better in your clothes, stamina to stand all day, confidence and motivation to see the results you crave. Our philosophy is "if you make it consistent you will see progress, once you see progress it becomes addictive"

Here is a list of other stuff that will happen when you consistently come to a training session but the work does not end there and we will be there to follow up even after you leave!

Burn calories for up to 48 hours after session
Build muscle and reshape your body
Amp up your overall fitness and endurance
Improve your coordination and flexibility

Class is 55min long

Average burn 600 calories