Joanna Cossey

Accountability Coach, Online Trainer

HI, I'm Jo I began my weight loss journey in 2006, at age 26 and a weight of 300lbs. Since then, I’ve lost 110lbs and have developed a love of fitness and physical activity. I continue to work on sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle and believe long term success is achieved through persistence, patience, and lifestyle changes.

I have a passion for inspiring and motivating others to reach their health and fitness goals.
My favourite activities include strength training, Tabata, circuits, hiking, biking, and running. I understand the challenges and temptations faced day in and day out in our food centric society along with the struggles of finding the time to put exercise and health as a priority in our fast paced world. 

Natalie Stamford BCRPA CPT, Yoga Instructor

​Hi! My name is Natalie  I’ve lost 80lbs and am still on my weight loss journey. I changed my mindset about exercise. I looked at it as doing something to benefit myself to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Feeling and seeing the changes in your happiness, energy and overall life becomes addictive. I want to help guide you along your journey. It truly is a beautiful thing when our minds, body and soul are all connected and that’s what yoga does. ❤️

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Conor Wheale BCRPA CPT, Co-Owner, Online Trainer

Devoted husband and dad of 2 kick ass kids. Conor is a tall, slender, super sarcastic and handsome but struggles with trying to gain any weight at all. He has never had a over weight issue but struggles gaining weight not being able to commit to eating 9,000 calories a day and weight training 2-3 hours a day 6 days a week....you know the whole full time job, father of 2 and husband gig kinda takes priority sometimes and his self care suffers. He is our "fun" trainer you can find him dancing around the studio, singing at the top of his lungs but when it's go time watch out his style of training isn't for the weak at heart. 

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Online Training
Strength Training
Weight Training
Weight Gain
Weight loss
Small Group Training

​Janelle Wheale OWNER, BCRPA CPT, Accountability Coach, Online Trainer

First and foremost I'm a dedicated wife and mom of 2 kick ass kids. I have been 160lbs then I ballooned up to 600lbs and have now lost over 300+lbs and am still on my journey to lose weight. I am as real as they come I have said every excuse, told every lie, I have quit, failed, lost, gained you name it I've done it. Today I am helping people own thier shit and see results.  

Specializes in;

Strength Conditioning
Weight Management Coaching

Online Trainer
Weight Training 
Group Training
Barre/Pilates Circuit Training
TRX Training
Bosu Training
Kettle Bell Level One